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7'0 Whit Surf Jack knife

7'0 Whit Surf Jack knife


Dims: 7'0 - 21 1/8 - 2 7/8 approx 47.5L

Glassing schedule: 4oz/ 4oz + 6oz deck (standard glassing) with a blue resin tint


The Jack Knife was designed with Dean Petty here in Nova Scotia. When we started working with Dean on this model, he wanted a board that he could throw in the truck and know it was going to perform, regardless of the wave size. The Jack Knife has a good amount of surface area in the front half with a low rocker, allowing for lots of paddle power and drive. The tail of the board is pulled into a tight rounded pin helping the board hold in critical moments on a wave. The Jack Knife is running a single concave to a double concave through the back third of the board. The tail rocker is slightly accelerated just past the finbox to make it a little more maneuverable in smaller waves. The Jack Knife can be used as a small wave cruiser and as a step up in overhead surf, truly a one board quiver.  

The Jack Knife has a 2+1 fin set up. We use a 10.25” box to allow the surfer to have lots of range to move the fin forward and backwards to create different feels. The general rule of thumb, fin forward = looser and more maneuverable, fin back = more drive and drawn-out turns.     


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