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Whit Surf is a surfboard and apparel company driven by custom, quality and innovation. We strive to elevate the entire experience of ordering custom. Whether it is a new pair of pants or a new dream board, the top priority is to keep the customer happy and comfortable. From the initial consultation to the delivery of a finished product, we highlight and showcase the process's important aspects. We source top-quality materials to create all our products, always striving towards excellence and performance. Investing in custom should be a fun and exciting process, and we are here to offer that experience.

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"I come from a family of makers and entrepreneurs. My grandfather used to make custom furniture in the '60s. That is where my passion and motivation for handcrafted design comes from. He used to carve and shape wood into beautiful furniture and artwork, and as he got older he even started making canes. My aunts are both very creative and artistic. 

My mom is very business savvy. When it was just my mom and I, she worked 3 jobs and one of those jobs was running a full-time BnB called the Whitney Manor. The name Whit Surf is a tribute to my mother. When I was just old enough to talk, I started trying to help my mom out with the BnB, carrying guests’ luggage, asking for the breakfast order, and making sure they had everything they needed. Of course, I never knew the guests were carrying the bag behind me, but it gave me a sense of pride in my work and it has stuck with me ever since.

Growing up with so many positive and strong female role models is what gave me the courage to set off on such a non-traditional path.  I love shaping for people. The connection between surfer and shaper is very special."

- Haynes Kent



"I love shaping for people. The connection between surfer and shaper is very special. As a shaper, I feel very grateful when a surfer gives me the opportunity to create a surfboard with them. As a surfer, there is a lot of trust and excitement when getting a custom. It is a very meaningful interaction. It is hard to understand until you have been at one end of the exchange."

- Haynes Kent



"For as long as I can remember I have always loved fashion and dreamed about creating my own brand. I wanted to create a clothing line based on the idea of upscale basics and easy-to-wear garments. Creating patterns that can be adjusted to a large array of body types has always been at our brand's forefront. We understand that the "standard" sizes are not so standard anymore and I do my best to make sure everyone who enters my studio, leaves feeling taken care of and confident.


A large portion of our customers are surfers so we definitely make sure to keep things warm and cozy for pre and post-surf comfort."     

- Mikayla Rostek

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