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5'8 Chemistry Zen 4 - Used

5'8 Chemistry Zen 4 - Used


Dims: 5'8 - 19.5 - 2.375 approx. 29.5L

Glassing Schedule: 4oz/ 4oz(3/4 butterfly)+4oz with a resin swirl bottom cutlap and a resin 


Constantly mixing it up to keep it fun, the Zen 4 is one of our favorite models in the Zen line.

The evolution of our "Zen" line continues in 2021 with the release of the new Zen 4. The Zen 4 has a step up feel with added paddle power from it's forward volume. Meant to be ridden as a twin, the Zen 4 holds a line in tubes with the help from its 4 channel bottom. The double wing pin tail gives this model stability in heavier, hollow waves. The Zen 4 carves well on the face and doesn't have that "wash out" feel at the end of turns. The Zen 4 has a relaxed rocker which makes it a great paddler in all conditions. Designed to be ridden in better waves, the Zen 4 also excels in below average surf.


For more information on the Zen 4 click here!


No dings and minor pressure dents - 8/10 condition

$1049.95 + hst new

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