The Howler is your go to daily driver, for progressive surfing in any wave condition from 2-6 foot. Its Haynes' go to short board that he has been working on since 2017.


The SMW features a more hybrid outline equipped with high performance concave's under the feet that are super aggressive allowing for maximum drive and maneuverability.

The Gnarwal was created with point breaks in mind. We've discovered that it flies as a single fin on an open face as well as a quad deep in the barrel. Basically, get this board with any fin set up you want, guaranteed good times.


The Rodeo is our new high performance groveller. We took the tail outline from our popular model, The Howler, chopped off a few inches and moved up the wide point. This board gets you into below average waves but keeps your progression moving forward. Expect a wild ride as it's a short board made for fun.

The Chubsta' is Haynes' go to small wave board. Its wide outline makes it very forgiving when the waves go soft but when the waves pick up, it's aggressive bottom contours allow this board to be surfed more radically.

The Pelican is inspired by the weightlessness and glide of the birds cruising over the waves. This fun board makes surfing easy. Whether you're a beginner looking for your first board or an experienced surfer looking for a good time, this board is for you.