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5'7 Whit Surf Fish Flyer

5'7 Whit Surf Fish Flyer


Dims: 5'7 - 20.25 - 2.45 approx. 32L

Glassing schedule: 4oz/ 4oz + 4oz deck (stock lite glassing) 


The two most important attributes to any small wave performance board is speed and control. The outline blends the curves of a more traditional fish nose with the more performance driven winged swallow tails. The outline combined with the flatter rocker makes an exceptionally easy surfboard to gain speed on flat waves. We added a single channel between the fins to give the board more bite on the wave so you don’t get the unwanted “skatey/ sliding” feel you can get on traditional low rocker twin fins.

All of these attributes are blended together to create a well balanced performance twin fin, with fish-like paddle ability and performance maneuverability.



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