Passion, Innovation, Courage

Whit Surf is a surfboard manufacturer driven by passion, innovation and waves. We strive to elevate the entire experience of owning a new surfboard — from initial consultation to the delivery of finished product, while highlighting and showcasing important aspects of the process. We source top quality materials to create our boards, always striving towards the highest level of excellence and performance. Buying a surfboard should be a fun and exciting process, and we are here to offer that experience.

All of the surfboards we design and produce at Whit Surf are shaped for maximum performance in all bodies of water, Fresh or Salt. When buying a custom surfboard from our shelves, you are getting a surf craft that has been produced with our local conditions in mind.

About Whit Surf 

Meet the Maker

“At two years old, I was pretending to surf. I always thought it was such a beautiful art form. I would stand on my grandma's cutting board and pretend to surf for hours. Of course, growing up in Ontario limited the number of opportunities I had. When I was 15, I began to spend a few weeks a year in the Dominican Republic just practicing and falling in love with surfing. I was so hooked that I took a year off after I graduated from high school and traveled around Australia and New Zealand looking for the perfect waves. That trip changed my life. The waves and the people made me realize working in the surf industry was what I needed to do”


– Haynes Kent/ Whit Surf shaper

What got me into surfboard shaping?


"Shaping and designing boards was something I never dreamed of being a career. I knew I always loved surfing and the design associated with it. I didn’t find my passion in board design until later in life. The first time I ever saw a shaping bay was in Australia. The blue wall, tools, dust, I had no idea what I was looking at. After I saw the blue room I started looking up surfboard design and learned about the importance of the blue walls, tools and materials, really as much as I could learn from reading. The more I read, the more fascinated I was with the amount of skill and thought that went into every surfboard, It changed my view on surfing. It’s the little things that matter in each board and it’s the little things that make a difference between one surfboard from another. It’s what makes it such a fascinating piece of art."

Why Whit Surf?  

I come from a family of makers and entrepreneurs. My grandfather used to make custom furniture in the 60's. I think that is where my passion and motivation for hand crafted design comes from. He used to carve and shape wood into beautiful furniture and artwork, and as he got older he even started making canes. My aunts are both very creative and artistic. One is a full-time painter and the other is a jewelry designer. Both of them use unconventional techniques to create their pieces.


My mom is very business savvy. When it was just my mom and I, she worked 3 jobs and one of those jobs was running a full time BnB called the Whitney Manor. The name Whit Surf is a tribute to my mother. When I was just old enough to talk, I started trying to help my mom out with the BnB, carrying guest’s luggage, asking for the breakfast order and making sure they had everything they needed. Of course, I never knew the guests were carrying the bag behind me, but it gave me a sense of pride in my work and it has stuck with me ever since.


Growing up with so many positive and strong female role models is what gave me the courage to set off on such a non-traditional path.  I love shaping for people. The connection between surfer and shaper is very special. As a shaper, I feel very grateful when a surfer gives me the opportunity to create a surfboard with them. As a surfer, there is a lot of trust and excitement when getting a custom. It is a very meaningful interaction. It is hard to understand until you have been at one end of the exchange.