The Snake Eyes is our new twin fin performance board. The original concept for this board was a small wave groveller but as testing started it quickly became an alternate daily driver. The Snake Eye has a relatively low rocker line with a nice amount of foam under the chest. The foil of the board stays thicker in the tail because of its deep double concave. It is designed to be ridden exclusively as a twin. This board is extremely fast and has a lot more hold than a standard twin fin board. The Snake Eye has proven itself to be a one board quiver for almost all conditions. It has been surfed at pointbreaks beach breaks and reef breaks from waist high to overhead surf. When buying this board, you can expect twin fin speed with high performance turns.

Fine Set Up

The Snake Eye is a twin fin exclusive but if you really want to try a different fin set up we can accommodate.


The Snake Eyes can be surfed in the same conditions as a standard daily driver. In beach breaks and reef breaks, we suggest this board up to head high waves. On pointbreaks, it can go as big as you are comfortable on a twin fin. 

Starting Price: $749.95 


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