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The Howler is one of Whit Surf’s original designs that has been slowly morphed into the shape it is today. The Howlers wide point is back from the center making it very maneuverable on the wave and allows for quick pocket snaps. It’s medium exit rocker also helps the board perform well in pocket surfing. It has 60/40 rails making it ideal for a more high-performance style of surfing, while still being forgiving enough in smaller waves. The Howler has a lot of hidden foam under the chest allowing you to push your surfing in less than ideal wave conditions as well as get you into big steep waves early. It has a single concave under the chest creating lots of lift and down the line speed. It has a double concave under your back foot helping the water flow through the fins and a small V just past the trailing fin allowing the rail to roll freely.

The Howler is your go-to daily driver, for progressive surfing in any wave condition from chest high to head and a half.


Fin Set-Up         

Stock boards will be equipped with a thruster fin set up for maximum drive and release. It also performs well with a rounded pintail with a five fin configuration in larger days.





Starting Price: $849.95

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