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Introducing your new Buddy! This is your go to board for most conditions you will face day to day. It has a wider nose and tail outline than our high performance boards, with a medium/ low entry rocker and a medium exit rocker. The Buddy has a hip in the tail helping break the water flow and giving you a pivot point just in front of your fins. This helps your buddy get up in the lip with ease while allowing the rails to be a little more parallel between your feet for lots of easy drive. The rails feel very similar to our high performance rails so there will be familiarity when jumping between multiple boards. It has a single concave running to a slightly extended double and a more aggressive V exit after the rear fin. The Buddy is meant to be surfed in punchy waist high surf to head high surf. 

Fine Set Up

For fins, we recommend a thruster but this board can accommodate a quad if that’s your go to.




Starting Price: $849.95 

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