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The unknown noserider came about after primarily surfing our noserider model for two years. We wanted to take the stability and noserideablity from the noserider but fuse it with certain aspects of our unknown summer model to try and create a board that had more maneuverability and the ability to pivot from different spots along the board. This helped us find a blend of stability and performance combining the two very contrasting longboards in our line up. We kept the spoon from the noserider but narrowed the nose closer to the unknown summer. There is still plenty of surface area for noserides but by narrowing the nose and pulling in the tail, it allows the board to break its line more freefly when you want it to. This is your ideal everyday do everything longboard for mushy crumbly sections to bowly noseride pockets. 


Fin Set up:

Single fin is the only fin setup offered for this board.

Starting Price: $1495.95


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