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After the success of our original Pickaxe model in everyday to good surf, we decided the forward volume and nose outline was the perfect start to developing a big wave dedicated step up. Knowing the goal was to create a board that could handle the strong aggressive offshore winds we typically get on the east coast, we knew the board had to have some extra weight upfront to get your nose pointed down on steep take offs. We kept the beak nose from the original Pickaxe and pulled in the back half to hold in big conditions. It has a subtle single concave that runs into a small double between the fins. The tais is nicely foiled out into a sharp and tight pin. With the forgiveness up front, this step up works great on the open face and holds nicely in more critical moments. 


Fin Set Up

For fins, we recommend you go with whatever you are most comfortable with. It works great as a thruster when on the open face and carving but the extra boost of speed with a quad is a big advantage when necessary. 






Starting Price: $999.95


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