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The Pickaxe was created when we were looking for a different approach to a good wave performance board. What we didn’t expect was to end up creating a super versatile all around shortboard that works best in the chest high to slightly overhead range. The PBD has a medium rail rocker with a deeper single concave under the chest. This flattens out the centre rocker making it great for paddling but keeps the rail rocker a little more aggressive for high performance surfing. The single concave runs into a double concave to slight vee out the tail. The board has a beak nose allowing for a lot of foam under the chest but is foiled out pretty thin in the tail for good hold in steep waves. Everything in this board is built for speed. 

Fin Set - Up

The PBD was originally designed as a thruster but the 5 fin option has been really fun to help the board perform differently in a large range of conditions. We have also had a lot of positive feedback from moving the fins back and making it a dedicated twin. 






Starting Price: $849.95 

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