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The F Series is our yearly look at what we view as our most high performance surfboard. This is the board meant to try and showcase your highest ability without sacrificing any of the fun. This year (fall 2023) is the first year we are adding it to the list of models. It has seen 3 variations since 2020 and will continue to be tweaked every summer in preparation for the following fall season. This year's F series round tail has a medium entry and exit rocker. It is foiled out for lots of traction when on the open face. It has a single to subtle double concave. This board is best in shoulder high to well overhead  conditions (dims dependant) when smooth high performance surfing and hold in the tube is the goal. The round tail variation can be ordered in your standard performance dims or in your step up dims. The foiled out tail and tight round pin make it a perfect option when you want a board for bigger days but don’t want to have to step onto a board that feels super unfamiliar from your other shortboards. We also have a Squash tail for the surfer looking for a more vertical and in the pocket style of surfing.

Fine Set-Up

The F-23 can be surfed as a thruster or a quad so whatever your go to fin setup is. For step ups, we recommend a 5 fin set up to give yourself the quad option on big hollow days.


Starting Price: $849.95 

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