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Custom Order Information

Having a board custom shaped for you is crucial if you want to surf and progress your skills in the cold water. Due to the added weight of thick cold water neoprene, our surfboards need to have extra volume. When buying a factory board that has been designed for the warm water in Hawaii, you are not only sacrificing performance but may also not be able to ride it at all. Buying a longer factory board to make up for the volume required to surf here is a suboptimal approach to surfing in Canada.


All of the surfboards we design and produce at Whit Surf are shaped for maximum performance in Canadian waters as well as on surf trips. When buying a custom surfboard from our shelves, you are getting a surf craft that has been produced with our local conditions in mind.


Getting a custom surfboard that is tailored to your needs and dimensions, creates an optimal relationship between the surfer and the shaper. One that allows for the creation of a one-of-a-kind surf craft that will allow you to progress your surf skills to the next level while working in the conditions it’s made for.

Because of Haynes' experiences surfing on both East and West coasts, as well as in the Great Lakes, he is able to tweak all models to perform best in the waves you see yourself surfing. Whether it's a point break in Nova Scotia, a beach break in Tofino or a lake wave in Toronto, we have you covered. 


In a world heavily dominated by cheap and mass produced goods, having a custom board means you are choosing quality and originality while supporting a local independent maker.

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Custom Surf Craft by Whit Surf : 

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