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The original Chubsta’ was a super fun fish when the waves were flat and mushy, but this year we decided to increase the overall performance of the board. We increased the nose rocker by ½” and pulled in the nose and tail by ¼”. We kept the single to double concave from the original design to keep the speed and water flow but with the increased rocker, the board will fit in a tighter pocket. The Chubsta’ V2 still has a very generous sweet spot under the front foot for lots of glide when the wave does go soft, the changes simply take away the need for a board change if the waves suddenly start pumping.

This board is set up as a twin plus two. The leading fins are set slightly back from a standard quad position for more drive down the line. The rear fins are moved forward to add a bit of extra release when you want it. We have been surfing this board with the Machado Quad fin set and it has performed in everything from mushy beach breaks to overhead point breaks.


The Chubsta' is meant to be surfed in waves from knee to shoulder high but with the right fins, feel free to venture into the head high waves and see how fast this board really goes. 





Starting Price: $849.95

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