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The Travel Agent is our new step-up model. It is called the Travel Agent because as soon as you hold it, you are going to want to book a trip! The goal of this board was to make surfing bigger waves easy. The nose is wider than most high-performance step-ups which makes it a very fast paddler. It has a medium nose rocker so it can still fit in the tight curves of a barrel with a small flat section under the front foot allowing for lots of down the line speed, even when the wave goes a little flat. The tail is nice and pulled in for lots of drive and control in heavy surf. The rails are more pinched than the other shortboards we offer to help stay locked in when the drops get more critical. The bottom is very simple and built for speed. Single concave running through the mid-section of the board and a double concave through the fins.


Fin Set-Up

The Travel Agent comes stock as a 5 fin but if you are ordering custom, I suggest picking thruster or quad to save the wight in the tail.


The Travel Agent needs some size to get going. We recommend this board anytime the waves get around 4 feet and up. 

Starting Price: $849.95



Screen Shot 2021-01-02 at 10.53.44
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