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During the lockdowns of covid, Logan Landry reached out asking to make a shortboard with its roots in late 90’s design but with modern characteristics. He wanted a wide tail block, high entry rocker, parallel rails and an aggressive elongated V exit. The idea was to have easy speed generation with the parallel rails and wide tail block but then a surprisingly nimble responsiveness due to the higher entry rocker and V exit. The first board was paired with red glass on fins for a true old school feel. Since the first board, we have tweaked the rocker, made adjustments in the back half and have finally come up with what we feel is a perfect everyday to good condition shortboard for our waves. The wider tail block makes it very forgiving when the waves go soft but this shouldn’t fool you into thinking this is a small wave board only. This board can transition from punchy waist high surf to slightly overhead waves seamlessly, making it a great option for anyone who doesn’t like to switch boards often. 

Fin Set-Up

The Speedworld is meant to be surfed as a thruster. If you want to try quad we suggest a five fin set up to have the option.



Starting Price: $849.95


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