This fish is a collaboration between Hidden Village surf craft and Whit Surf. The Hidden Whit features a beak nose allowing for maximum amount of volume through the chest. It has a really nice 50/50 performance rail line and doesn't feel too bulky in your hand. The tail of the board is a wingtip swallow tail. The swallow tail keeps lots of width in the back of the board but the wings allow for a more verticle and performance style of surfing. The bottom contours start with an entry V for the first 6 inches allowing for volume as well as easy rail to rail movement. As you get down the board it goes from a single concave to a slight double just in front of the fins and that double fades out to a slight V out the tail. The rocker is overall very relaxed for maximum paddling and wave catchability. 



5'6 - 20" - 2.25"





The Hidden Whit

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