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 The Margaritaville was designed for when you are hungover on the beach in Costa Rica, looking at a shitty wave thinking “what would I need to convince me to get in the water right now?”


The Margaritaville is inspired by a Mini Simmons design we made in 2017. The board felt great on point breaks and really clean beach breaks but we were not getting the versatility and performance we were looking for. We went back to the drawing board and pulled in the nose and tail for more release in the pocket and added more entry rocker for less resistance when turning from rail to rail. We added a big double concave channeling the water to the exit V out the tail and that gave us the responsiveness we were looking for. Finally, we added more concave in the belly of the board making it super-fast in any condition. The main attribute that makes this model work so well in weaker waves is its beaked nose. The beaked nose allows for maximum amount of foam under the chest for easy wave catching but also allows the board to have a performance rail line without bogging.   


Fin Set Up

The Margaritaville is best suited as a twin but we have also had lots of fun on the board with a quad set up for more drive.


This board is super fun in knee to chest high waves.

Price $899.95

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