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Hidden Village Surf Craft collab with Wh
Hidden Village Surf Craft collab with Wh

This fish is a collaboration between Hidden Village surf craft and Whit Surf. The Hidden Whit features a beak nose allowing for a maximum amount of volume through the chest. It has a really nice 50/50 performance rail line and doesn't feel too bulky in your hand. The tail of the board is a wingtip swallowtail. The swallowtail keeps lots of width in the back of the board but the wings reduce surface area behind your back foot for more responsiveness. The bottom contours start with an entry V for the first 6 inches allowing for volume as well as an easy rail to rail movement. As you get down the board it goes from a single concave to a slight double just in front of the fins and that double fades out to a slight V out the tail. The rocker is overall very relaxed for maximum paddling and wave catch-ability. 

Fine Set Up

This is a twin fin surfboard.


The Hidden Whit is a small wave workhorse. Surf this board in punchy knee high waves to solid shoulder high waves. 


Starting Price: $749.95 


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