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The Gnarwhal was created with a point break in mind. Its relaxed entry rocker makes it a great paddler and super-fast down the line. It has enough entry rocker allowing for steeper and late takeoffs but still relaxed enough under the chest for good down the line speed. The Gnarwhal has lots of hidden foam foiled well so you are able to surf it in weaker mushy surf. It has a single to double concave creating lots of lift and control allowing for a more power carving style of surfing. It has fairly downed rails allowing for easy control in larger waves and quick snaps in the pocket.

Fin Set-Up

Stock boards come as a thruster. Custom fin configurations include single fin, quad, and five fin. 


The Single fin is super fun for a retro high line style and fast down the line surfing. 


The quad set up makes this board an ideal hollow wave surfboard and allows quick acceleration in softer sections on a wave. 


Depending on the fin set up and the dimensions you choose, the Gnarwal is a great board in any waves from waist to double overhead waves.

Starting Price: $849.95



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