The Chubsta’ is the solution to the constant battle between fun and performance. This model started with a retro fish outline with a slightly pulled in nose and pulled in tail. The pulled in nose and tail helps with faster release in the pocket and easy rail to rail transition. The rails are more downed with the purpose of allowing them to sink more in the water when you are laying into big cutbacks. It has a relaxed entry rocker and relaxed exit rocker making it extremely easy to accelerate even when the waves go weak. Because of its continuous rocker line, you are still able to take off in critical sections of a wave. It has a large single concave through the whole board with an aggressive double concave running from the middle of the board all the way out the tail. This double concave makes it extremely responsive and able to hold in larger surf.


Fin Set-Up

This board is set up as a new fin system we are calling a twin plus two. The leading fins are set up to perform as a twin with the rear fins right behind to add extra hold when surfing steeper and more powerful waves. We have been surfing this board with the new Machado Quad fin set and it has performed in everything from mushy beach break to head high point breaks.


The Chubsta' is meant to be surfed in waves from knee to shoulder high but with the right fins, feel free to venture into the head high waves and see how fast this board really goes. 

Starting Price: $749.95